Privacy Policy

1. introduction

“Onlyellow Unip. Lda.“, a company incorporated in and according to the Law of Portugal, with its headquarters in Estrada Principal – Casa da Eira s/n, Carvalhos 6100-086 Castelo, Portugal, with a share capital of € 5000, registered under company number 509946836, hereinafter referred to as “REVLINKER” The following privacy policy intends to clarify REVLINKER’s commitment into respecting user’s data collection and privacy based on the latest European Union General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR), you can read more about it here. By user, it’s meant anyone who accesses or visits REVLINKER’s website ( or public dashboard (

2. Which data is collected by REVLINKER?

By accessing REVLINKER’s website or dashboard, some personal and not personal information might be collected. Personal information is only collected when users register on REVLINKER’s platform voluntarily. This information includes, but it’s not limited to, user’s name, company that user represents, email address, country and skype ID. If an user sends any personal communication through social networks, (such as, but not limited to, Linkedin, Facebook, Instagram), instant message services or email to REVLINKER or any of its employees, information regarding that communication will also be collected. Non personal information might be collected when users visit REVLINKER’s website. This informations includes, but it’s not limited to, browser type, browser language, operating system, IP address and the referral website. REVLINKER might use cookies on its website, but the user can always decline them. However, some website’s features might not work without cookies consent.

3. Why does REVLINKER collect data?

All the personal information that’s collected, is to deliver users the most suitable products and services available according to their marketing needs. This includes diversified promotional materials, such as, weekly newsletters for traffic monetization recommendations, institutional announcements, among other informations REVLINKER finds relevant to their users best interests. The cookies used on REVLINKER’s website are collected for internal dashboard improvements and for analytic reasons only. REVLINKER doesn’t track users after they leave the website or dashboard.

4. User’s Rights

The user has the right “to be forgotten”, meaning that all data collected by REVLINKER about the user will be deleted forever. To invoke that right the user must, at any moment, send an email to [email protected] informing about that decision. The user will be automatically removed from the mailing list and won’t receive any more promotional materials from REVLINKER via email. The user has thirty days to refuse its personal data processing and storage by REVLINKER. After that period, it’s understood that the user allows the use of its personal data.

5. Disclosure of user’s data

REVLINKER doesn’t share with third-parties any data stored from their users, unless if required from authorities for legal purposes.

6. Data Security

REVLINKER has taken all security measures to ensure the protection of the collected data, following the higher standards practiced by AWS, as described in the following link:

7. Modification of Privacy Policy

REVLINKER might change or emend the terms referred above without any prior notice. By agreeing with REVLINKER’s privacy policy, users are bound with it and it’s their full responsibility to periodically review them.